Your interest is to transform EDUCATION?
Map yourself, people will know what you do and you will know what is going on in new EDUCATION around the World

Your interest is to transform EDUCATION?



Pooortal Code of Ethic

While self-mapping and posting, the requirements are:

  1. We use a proper language and respect. We are positive. This is not a space for complaints, critics or publicity.
  2. We use the platform only for sharing comprehensive educative and peace culture tools.
  3. We understand and cooperate that the Pooortal is based on solidarity, Peace Culture and respectful multiculturalism.

We understand and agree that all information posted in the Pooortal belongs to the public domain and is copy left. Everybody can use fairly and ethically the posted information, mentioning the author when available and source
If someone provides information, post and/or videos to the platform, he/she gives it voluntarily and cooperatively with a good heart and open mind as a service for the humankind, and renounces to all copyright.

The platform reserves itself the right to delete posts and mappings that do not comply with the above norms.
The platform is not liable for the contents and ideas posted in the groups and comments spaces, nor for tools that are posted by others.
The platform is not liable for the misuse of the information and tools posted in this space.

  1. We ourselves are the first to tirelessly follow the path of learning, growing and flourishing in wisdom, unconditional love and will.
  2. We exchange information and educational tools in a practical and horizontal manner, adapting them to the local context. Education is co-built together. It is a co-creation.
  3. We favour respect, understanding, tolerance, active listening, peace culture, multiculturalism and empathy.
  4. We trust the personal development of the human being, respecting their own growth rate.
  5. We share from experience and example. We are congruent with our words, actions, feelings, and thoughts.
  6. We always keep learning. Education is an upward spiral, it has no end.
  7. We all support each other and learn from each other. Wwe co-build this new Education in solidarity.
  8. We hold a broad vision and keep our energy level high and cheerful. It is important to act with happiness, in a positive way, with the capacity for wonder, purity of heart, authenticity, enthusiasm and simplicity.
  9. We ensure that peace and harmony prevail in everything we do.
  10. 10. We are committed to carrying out the above mentioned aspects, and we contribute to humanitarian service, thus co-building a conscious, caring, wise and peaceful society.

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