About us

We are the international multidisciplinary team of Educatiooon 3000 / Pedagooogia 3000. We are non-profit-organizations co-creating in synergy a new Education, more humane, more fun and more creative that promotes the comprehensive multidimensional development of human beings and society.
We invite you to open paths for happy, proactive, creative and responsible children, as well as for stress-free, loving and enthusiastic teachers and families.
We are co-creating an Education that really prepares us to co-build a new society, with a lasting Culture of Peace and with good care of the Planet.

You may find more information about us in:
www.educatiooon3000.info in English
www.P3000.info in Spanish

We dedicate the Pooortal to:

  • The children and young people of today and tomorrow
  • To a new society of Peace and Solidarity
  • To the new Humanity
  • To you