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Inherited talent
The secondary school stage is not about "moments", it is about "processes" that include all the previous cycles... "Inherited talents" is about acknowledging and honouring our roots and what and who were before us. Let's go deep down by tapping or clicking this video tool!
CurriVIDA (Curricula 4LIFE) is an extensive book that proposes comprehensive and fun ways to organize our school and extra-curricular syllabus, presenting ideas of innovative, intertwined and contextualized subjects that respond to the real requirements of students, as well as the new society that is emerging. Learn more about it by tapping or clicking this video tool!
Entrepreneurial Project
What is to be an entrepreneur? What needs to be considered when you want to become an entrepreneur? How can each subject/pedagogical area contribute to an entrepreneurial project? Find interesting answers to these and other questions by tapping or clicking this video tool!
When we are talking about Research-Creation we are talking about Transcendental Learning... But what is this about?  The teacher-researcher can be the creative resistance to a rigid pedagogical system... Find more inspiring ideas by tapping or clicking this video tool!